Additional Services

If more money comes in, we offer additional support for candidates who found our Interactive Seminars and Campaign in a Box package helpful. These services are very dependent the campaign, need, budget, jurisdiction, etc.

Photo taken while working on a passion project video, with young women interviewing elected women, of the Reno’s 2018 Women’s March with videographer Jeff Foss. See the video.

They can include any combination of:

  • Advanced targeting and strategy
  • Staff development
  • Cost-effective mail programs
  • Digital advertising
  • Video production
  • Outside vendor management – polling, TV, other

“In 2012, Riley helped me with messaging and fundraising, oversaw my day-to-day campaign manager, coordinated vendors, and developed the campaign’s field and mail targeting. I was the only Democrat in Nevada to win in a legislative district with a GOP registration advantage.”

— Skip Daly, Nevada State Assembly District 31

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Helping progressive candidates win down ticket