Campaign in a Box

Now that you know a little bit more about why you’re running and who to reach out to, you now have a new question — what do I need to get started? Our Campaign in a Box is an installment package that gets you what you need when you need it, so you can afford to get your campaign off the ground. There are a lot of things you need to run a successful campaign, but you only need some of these things right away. This is why we’ve structured our Campaign in a Box package to give you what you need, when you need it.

Phase one

With the first installment, you can start reaching out to friends, family and supporters to get your campaign off the ground. You’ll have the collateral to show that you are a true candidate that should be supported. You will get:

  • Three interactive online training seminars (or credit if already purchased)
  • Design of logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes
  • Starter one-page website with introduction, email sign up and contribution button (with hosting for the duration of your 2018 campaign)
  • Facebook and Twitter profile and cover photo image preparation
  • Fundraising coaching: one-hour personal session, diving deeper into fundraising tips for your race

Phase two

The second installment gives you additional coaching to start getting the additional materials together you need to get you ready to reach out to your constituents. This portion includes:

  • Content coaching: three, one-hour sessions on story and strategy development; issues; and your bio
  • Photography coaching: providing you and your photographer samples and guidelines for your photoshoot
  • Copywriting/editing of your issues and about pages for your fully fleshed-out website
  • House parties and phone calls training: one-hour personal training session including scripts to use and volunteer training tips

Phase three

The final installment gets you the confidence and roadmap to reach out to your constituents and the collateral and resources to get your message out. It includes:

  • Targeting coaching and assistance: one-hour targeting strategy session; VAN setup or equivalent support if not using VAN
  • Canvassing/door-to-door coaching: one-hour session with customizable materials
  • Final website, customized to your look and feel and creation of five main pages and subpages where necessary
  • Walkcard design and print management
  • Sign design and print management

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So how much does it cost?

The full cost is $5000
(paid in three installments of $1500, $1500, and $2000)

If that sounds like a lot, know that we put a lot of time and thought into making this a comprehensive service that covers all the basics of a legitimate, grassroots campaign. With the fundraising support provided, we know you can get there, too. We put a lot of work and love into our materials, videos, and trainings, crafting a way to help the most people we can in the most affordable way possible.

In a perfect world we would be able to do this for free, just to help the cause, but we all know we don’t live in a perfect world. That is in large part why we are all here, trying to make a change in the best way we know how.

When you sign up for our services, you get years of experience in politics and visual communication. You get a company that wants to see the change that you want to see. And you get to know that you are supporting like-minded people who are doing all they can to support you on your road to victory.


What’s the timeline?

The timeline for getting this all done depends a bit on your race, when you sign up, and our current workload. We know that’s vague. In an ideal world, we’d like about 2–3 weeks per installment to schedule and perform trainings, deliver collateral, allowing time for your feedback before delivering final pieces. But, we know very well that campaigns mostly don’t run in a perfect world. Some campaigns will have a month between installments, others will have 5–7 days. We will only take on the work we can perform in the timeline needed*.

*We do reserve the right to charge a rush fee if the timeline exceeds what we can comfortably work into our schedule, requiring us to hire additional help or make other accommodations, but this would all be decided upfront, before any money exchanges hands.

What costs ARE NOT covered?

Domain name purchasing and continued website hosting

We’ve found it is easier if the candidate purchases their own domain names. That way, at the end of your campaign, they are yours to do with what you like. We do offer a walkthrough for purchasing from our preferred domain name registrar to make this process easier for you. We will host your website for the duration of your 2018 campaign. After your campaign is finished, we will either take your site down, transfer the hosting to you to maintain, or continue managing your site for you for a fee. This will be decided upon at the completion of your 2018 campaign.

Printing costs for hard goods like signs and walk cards

These will vary by budget/fundraising, district size, and local costs. We will manage the print orders for you. We have Nevada-based (union) print shops we work with, but will work with any print shop if you have a local one you prefer (we recommend this, and also recommend union shops where possible). Total costs in this area can be anywhere from around $1,000 to $4,000 – signs are by far the most expensive part of this, and can be ordered later and again if fundraising and strategy dictates.

Voter file/VAN access

You need a database of registered voters in your district. The standard Democratic campaign one is called Votebuilder/VAN. You need your own “campaign” within the main database, which is almost exclusively available through your state and/or local Democratic Party. Costs vary by state, political office, and more. If this costs a few thousand dollars or less, it is almost certainly worth it. There are other options and other ways to run your field campaign (knocking doors and phone calls) but they are all highly inferior.

Voterfile/VAN management

You need someone to manage lists and data. If you purchase VAN access, the beginner package comes with set-up of 5 basic survey questions, 2 activist codes, and 3 saved targeting searches for cutting turf and call lists. If you do not know how to pull lists/cut turf and enter data, and cannot find a local activist who does and will volunteer to manage it for your campaign, you will need additional training and/or paid support. VAN is generally easy and intuitive, and can either be learned through existing how-to info from the vendor (for the tech/database medium-savvy) or through trainings we will offer. Advanced targeting services are also available later in the campaign.


You will need an array of photos of you in different contexts to fill out your website, walk card, and ideally mail. Leaner campaigns rely on a friend with a decent camera.  If not, a half-day photo shoot with a local photographer (costs vary) is the bare minimum necessity. Usually this is accomplished with friends and supporters acting as “models” for different sets. You want a few different scenes (with you in different clothes!) that match parts of your story and/or three issues, such as pictures that show family, education, office conference room/job site/business, and talking to folks out in the community. Volunteer models should be balanced by age, race, gender, and look (appropriate to the scene) as much as possible. We will work with you and send example photos to you and your chosen photographer.

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