Interactive Online
Training Seminars

When you are just starting out as a candidate, you have so much drive but not a lot of direction. We have a series of three interactive online training seminars that can help you answer the questions: What does it mean to be a candidate? How do I answer the question “why are you running?” in a way that is memorable and positive? How do I start fundraising and reaching out to voters? Who should I reach out to?

February 2020

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We’ve crafted a series of three interactive online training seminars (each with supporting materials and homework) to get candidates pointed in the right direction. They can be taken individually or, ideally, the full sequence.

  • Starting: campaigns and candidacy 101, and initial story-development
  • Fundraising: DIY fundraising
  • Running: field, targeting

These are small workshops (6 participants max), not some webinar where you and 50 other people watch the presenter go through the slides and then answer a couple of chat questions at the end. See available seminar times at the left.

Starting Seminar

The starting seminar is a one-hour interactive session working with Riley and the other participants to craft your story (30 minutes) and then open question and discussion (30 minutes).

This seminar comes with a new-candidate training video (36 minutes) that covers a basic overview of campaigning and basic campaign information.

Fundraising and Running Seminars

The fundraising and running seminars begin with Riley presenting for 15-20 minutes, and then interactive work with him individually, breakout groups and practice sessions with all participants to work on learn how to fundraise, pick who to reach out to, and use your friends and your feet to reach out (field).

Seminar Materials

Additionally, each webinar comes with supporting materials and homework tailored to help you get the most out of your training (we highly recommend you watch the video and do as much as you can of the homework prior to the training!). Riley will also review homework done and emailed to him prior to the webinar.

Finally, we will also record each training and give the participants access to the replay (this is assuming that the technology gods don’t interfere and corrupt the file).


So, how much does it cost?

Starting seminar registration fee is $75
(which includes the introductory video, example materials, basic research and compliance “homework” for your race, and secures your place in the one-hour seminar—six participant maximum)
We also will check each participants’ Democratic registration through their state headquarters.

Each additional seminar in the series is $50

If you sign up for all three together, the cost is $150.

What is this “story” you keep mentioning?

Your story is your message or stump speech or spiel or whatever you want to call it, and more. A story about yourself is the best way to get people to remember you, like you, and want to support you. As a candidate, the first question you hear from everyone is “why are you running for office?” You can answer that question with a list of your high-level grievances, your resume, a vague statement of why you care so much or will work so hard to bring people together, or any other number of ways that will make people forget about you instantly.

Stories, however, are memorable. A description of a specific thing that happened to you that you can use as an example to illustrate who you are and why you care and will work hard and are fix all that needs fixing, this memory of an event that sticks with you will also stick with them.

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