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Small, Bespoke Campaign and PR Firm Seeks Associate

  • Reno, NV-area. Must be in or willing to relocate to this area and have reliable transportation.
  • Full time salaried position, 40 hours/week average, but variable.
  • Compensation: between $4,000 – $5,500 per month, DOE. Benefits to be discussed.

About Us

Changing Dynamics is a political campaign and PR consulting firm dedicated to making positive change. We focus on state legislative and local/downballot races (almost entirely for Democratic candidates). We do public relations for government entities like school districts, non-profits, and others. We do some of almost everything ourselves, including strategy, messaging, outreach, design, content, and management. We work with a mix of local talent and national partners to make the magic happen.

About You

Do you like the idea of being involved in multiple pieces of different campaigns and projects, while learning and immediately implementing new skills and systems? This is a “Jack/Jill of all trades” position for someone who likes interacting with people, has a few key skill sets, and wants to learn a few more.

On the political side, this work involves some of everything (other than fundraising): Field, Political, Comms, Design, Research, and Management. On the PR side, this involves events, community outreach, direct marketing, creative, and client management.

Required Job Duties:

This is what you’ll be doing. You do not have to have strong experience in all of these, but you must have a willingness (or eagerness) to engage in them all. If you do not have strong experience in at least two of these areas, you must have strong experience in some of the “other skills” areas.

Events set up and staffing
  • Outreach to organizations to schedule presentations to their membership at their own meetings
  • Setting up our own events including booking/reserving food/vendors, space, planning logistics, day-of set up and staffing, staff sign-in tables/sign-up forms, breaking down after the event, light speaking (e.g., occasionally asking the crowd to gather/quiet down, say “hi thank you for coming, here’s XXXX.”
Research, mostly google, social media, and phone calls to gather and sort information on:
  • Voting districts, and elections
  • Government and non-profit entities
  • People and organizations (basic public info/news checks)
Person to person outreach (Field)
  • You will be involved in the “field” aspect of our political campaigns, meaning working with candidates and their volunteers as they knock on doors, send text messages, flyer neighborhoods, make calls, table at events, etc..
  • We are open to hiring anywhere from a beginner to director-level individual, depending on other skill sets. Job duties will vary according to field skills, but there is some in person direct voter contact work required regardless.
Data, online work
  • You know or are able to learn various databases, apps, and other systems integral to our cutting edge downballot campaigns.
  • You will know or be willing to learn and work on the basics of social media organic and paid outreach. You are not required to post on or even have your own social media accounts but you must be willing and able to do some work on client’s accounts and able to use these platforms for research.
Work directly with candidates, elected officials, leaders
  • At a minimum, you must be ok with interacting with our clients (elected officials and candidates) and be able to ask them gently but firmly to do what we need.
Content creation and management
  • At a minimum, helping set up and staff photo/video/shoots, proof/edit written materials.
  • If you have the skills to contribute to the design or content, you will use and improve them
Work nights and weekends
  • Not every night, not every weekend, and not 8-5 M-F on top of nights and weekends, but you must be able to work those hours and be flexible in the hours you work. We have an office that you can use, but are not expected to be in 8-5 M-F. We expect a 30-40 hour work week in slower times, 50-60 hours per week when it’s busier. There are events and meetings that you must make, otherwise, when and where you do the work is mostly up to you. Generous vacation/PTO, but limited in certain months. We’re a small, family business that values work-life balance, and also works political campaigns.

Other Valuable Job Skills:

You do not need all or even any of the following skills. But if you do have one or more of these skills, you do not necessarily need to have much experience in the “required job duties” above – just the willingness/excitement to learn and do them.

  • Visual Design/Production: individuals with graphic design, photography, videography, or video production skills are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Communications skills and experience (e.g., worked in media, government or agency PR)
  • Accounting/budgeting/bookkeeping
  • Fundraising: we are not a fundraising firm and this is not a fundraising job, but that skill set is highly transferable to our work so if you have that experience and want to move out of fundraising to a position like this, let’s talk!

Other Info

Job Posting closes August 1, 2023. Job goes through at least December, 2024. Our hope and goal is to hire an individual who can stay indefinitely. Our plan is for this position to quickly become one that oversees other positions (we usually hire several full time campaign staffers in the even years), participates in and then runs high-level strategy, and assists meaningfully in developing new clients. Bonuses and salary growth will be commensurate with output and client success.

We value diversity, equity, and the inclusion of historically marginalized voices. People of color, women, LGBTQ+ people, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Spanish language proficiency is a major plus.

Other Minimum Qualifications

  1. Two years of professional/full-time work experience in a directly related area, and;
  2. Either an undergraduate degree, or substantial/equivalent work experience in a related or at least semi-related job, like service industry, customer service, or sales.

To apply, send resume to riley@changingdynamics.net. Short cover letter or brief email discussing any of the above points welcome, but not required, as is a writing sample or other example of your work product.