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Changing Dynamics is a consulting firm dedicated to making positive change.

Changing Dynamics is a consulting firm dedicated to making positive change.

Changing Dynamics manages and provides services for political campaigns, with a focus on moving local and state legislative offices in a more progressive direction.

We help local governments, community organizations, and businesses tell their stories in a compelling way to the right audience for their strategic goals.

We need new and diverse faces in elected office; we are focused on helping first-time candidates.

— Campaign Services —

We can help you start your campaign off right with messaging and strategy, a logo and graphic and web design. We can run a full-campaign, or provide individual services like videos, mailers, or message consulting. We above all believe in the personalization of campaigns: bringing out the best of each unique candidate to connect with the district they are running at that moment in time.

    Augmented Selfie Videos

    In response to the constraints of campaigning in 2020 with COVID-19, we’ve developed Augmented Selfie Videos to get your message out there.

    — Who we are —

    We have a diverse group of designers and operatives who we work with, but fundamentally Changing Dynamics is the wife and husband team of Natasha and Riley Sutton. Riley’s been a paid campaign operative since 2008, Natasha’s been doing graphic and web design professionally since 2006. Find out more about them and Changing Dynamics on our About page.

    — Testimonials —

    “I saw Riley’s work first-hand, and his efforts were integral to protecting our legislative seats and electing more Democrats locally, including flipping the Reno City Council.”

    — Pam duPre, Washoe County Democratic Party executive director 2010–2017

    “Riley- Wouldn’t have made it across the finish line without you. I wonder how many times I’m going to have to say that?!”

    — letter from State Senator Debbie Smith,
    used posthumously with permission from her husband

    Helping progressive candidates win down ticket