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Riley and Natasha blissfully exhausted at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

Who is behind Changing Dynamics?

Changing Dynamics was started in 2011 by wife and husband team, Natasha and Riley Sutton. Riley’s been a paid campaign operative since 2008, Natasha’s been doing graphic and web design professionally since 2006. They ran Changing Dynamics full time for the 2012 and 2014 cycles, running and consulting on dozens of local and state legislative races (mostly in the Reno, Nevada area). 

For the 2016 campaign, Riley went in-house for the area’s school district to run the outreach and PR campaign around a ballot question for a tax increase to fund close to $1 billion in capital projects for the 93 schools and 64,000 students in the county (which passed!). Natasha continued doing freelance graphic design part-time while taking some time off to raise their two (now three) boys.

Riley continued to work at the school district through the end of 2019, running PR and outreach for the building program. The results of the 2016 election motivated Natasha and Riley to restart Changing Dynamics as a side-hustle in 2018, and move back to full-time as of December 2019.

Since then Changing Dynamics has run or provided major services for dozens of political and public relations campaigns.

Riley Sutton

Founding Principal and Chief Strategist

Riley, like many, was on a path different from politics prior to the 2008 election. Sure, he was politically active to the extent of volunteering on campaigns here and there, but he was pursuing a psychology degree at U.C. Berkeley with the goal of going into research on learning, memory, and sleep. Moving “temporarily” to Reno for the Obama Campaign in the 2008 general election, Riley got a taste for political campaigns. Riley and Natasha are snowboarders, and generally prefer mountains, lakes and rivers, and so jumped at the chance when Riley was recruited to move back to Reno to run state legislative races in 2010, and have been here happily ever since.

Natasha Sutton

President and Director of Design

Natasha studied graphic design to have a productive outlet for her creative drive. She loves supporting candidates and causes by helping them visually communicate their ideas with thoughtfully crafted designs that support their broader message and story. Her goal is to enhance your message with a thoughtful and purposeful design.

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“Thanks to Changing Dynamics’ insight, analysis, messaging, targeting, and vision we got out a message that clearly resonated with voters – and without going negative. We went on to win, and win BIG! The materials were polished and well conceived, and something I will look back on and treasure. Thanks for believing in me and working with me.”

— Naomi Duerr, Reno City Council Member

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