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Public Relations

We find new ways to help solve old problems for public entities, non-profits, and small businesses. From strategic message reframing to one-on-one community outreach, we help solve local problems and spur communities to positive action.

— School PR —

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    School funding is too low. While local school districts usually have limited ability to affect per-pupil funding, they can have huge impacts on whether they get the needed capital funding to build and repair schools, or not. 

    We are dedicated to supporting schools, and using our expertise to help school districts in this area where local communications and community engagement makes a real difference: in securing the funding to build and/or repair/modernize/take care of existing school buildings. We have run award-winning campaigns in this work, and want more schools to see the benefits that we’ve seen come to life after successful capital campaigns.

    Getting capital funding is one thing, using it can be a whole ‘nother challenge. We also help with things like:

    • Community organizing to help a school district overcome NIMBY attitudes to buy a needed piece of property for a school site.
    • School Consolidation
    • Cost overruns
    • Lead Issues
    • Resistance to modern designs (“General Use” Restrooms, for example)

      Riley is, hands down, the best communication specialist I have ever had the occasion to work with. In any situation, he knows what to say, how to say it and the most appropriate time to say it. His work is always clear, concise and on point. He is also ‘good people,’ listens well and is a team player.

      Joe Gabica

      Chief Facilities Management Officer (retired), Washoe County School District

      CASE STUDY: Washoe County School District Capital Funding Campaign

      Billion dollar ballot question passes after decade of failure

      — Other PR —

        We are committed to helping those working in the public interest. This takes many forms. We have used direct outreach tactics (honed in political campaigns) to spur community utilization of mobile vaccine clinics. We’ve advised public libraries on outreach tactics, and helped to pass groundbreaking legislation to lower medical costs for families and small businesses.

        If you have a project that would benefit your community but needs assistance with communications, community organizing, public relations, or general strategy to get off the ground, we’d love to help.

        Dedicated to making positive change