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What We Do

We offer services for political campaigns, non-profits, government organizations, and businesses. See below for more info, and/or please contact us to see if we are the right fit to help you craft a compelling message and execute outreach.

— Political Strategy —

    Changing Dynamics is focused on electing Democrats downballot. CD emphasizes supporting first-time candidates, women, people of color, and/or LGBTQ candidates. We develop strategy to fit the candidate, not the other way around.

    One thing we know from experience: In downballot campaigns, almost no two races are the same. We have won campaigns that had no yard signs, others with no mail or walk cards, some with no digital (though this is increasingly rare), and run negative IE campaigns that included door-to-door canvassing. We can tease out the right strategy, tactics, and targeting to fit the smallest of budgets, and we love stretching a nickel into a dime.

    Riley- Wouldn’t have made it across the finish line without you. I wonder how many times I’m going to have to say that?!

    Late State Senator Debbie Smith

    From a letter, used posthumously with permission from her husband

    — Messaging: Developing Your Story —

      We move campaigns from forgettable facts and figures to memorable, meaningful stories that personalize issues and mobilize constituents. 

      For public agencies, this means moving from acronyms to actions. Whether it’s about parks, lead pipes, or explaining teacher-student ratios so that the community understands why building new schools doesn’t break the school district’s thin budget, it’s about specificity, plain language, and usually, video.

      Riley is, hands down, the best communication specialist I have ever had the occasion to work with. In any situation, he knows what to say, how to say it and the most appropriate time to say it. His work is always clear, concise and on point. He is also ‘good people,’ listens well and is a team player.

      Joe Gabica

      Chief Facilities Management Officer (retired), Washoe County School

      For candidates, it means changing from a recitation of their resume and boiler plate issues they care about to a memorable stump speech that connects their life experience and skills to a broader need facing the community and positions them as the solution. For businesses and nonprofits, this means connecting your services to customers through a personal narrative that speaks directly to their experience and need.

      I can’t thank Riley enough for his insight. I had been struggling with the right messaging for months. He listened to my story, drew out the real reason I was running for office and helped turn it into a compelling message.

      Michelle McGaw

      RI State Representative

      — Digital Outreach —

        Reaching your audience online is a key to success. We know where, how, and when to reach the people you need to engage. Whether it’s coming up with COVID-campaign adaptations like Augmented Selfie Videos or building a (better) website, CD helps you make the most of the newest frontier in outreach.

        Augmented Selfie Videos are a powerful way to show your authentic personality and message. We work with you to script your story and coach you through shooting it yourself. We produce it with your campaign graphics, adding in any existing photos or videos from your life to match the story, and give you the crown jewel of your digital ad content. Videos can be just lightly augmented with campaign graphics to adding in recent footage and full animation.

        The homespun nature of the production helps voters feel like they are getting to know you. The limited but real production value helps give them a sense of legitimacy for your campaign. The story that we develop connects your message to your constituents’ lives.


        Changing Dynamics ran a flawless and cutting-edge campaign. Despite being vastly outspent, I won my four-way primary with 47 percent of the vote. Their work brought out the best of me, purple hair and all.

        Sarah Peters

        Democratic Nevada State Assembly Member, District 24

        For Campaigns

        Are you frustrated with how difficult it is to give Facebook your campaign’s money (when they’re even allowing political ads)? Do you want to target just voters with your ad, instead of everyone in a geographic area? Do you want to use the right objective, and not quite know when to use “reach,” “views,” “conversions,” or any of the other 4,000 metrics of online advertising? Do you wonder if advertising on Google, Pandora, CTV, pre-roll, banner, native, display, or any of the million other digital ad options are right for you?

        We can help. We are a downballot Democratic campaign firm, and we know what makes sense at your budget level, and what doesn’t. You may just need (and be able to afford) some direction to do it better yourself, or maybe you want someone to just do it for you – either way, we can help.

        For Public Agencies, Nonprofits, and Businesses

        “Seeing is believing,” “a picture is worth a thousand words,” “show, don’t tell,” whatever your favorite expression is, digital engagement allows you to connect with people in a different way. It allows you to move beyond reliance on media coverage and communicate directly with the people you need to reach, in the place they already spend a huge portion of their time already. From building an organic following to targeting ads, from newsletters to digital townhalls, we can help you reach and grow your audience.


        — Visual Design + Production —

          We do visual work of all kinds. Logo design, print materials, websites, video, mail, whatever it is we tell your story visually in a personal, relatable, and understandable way. 

          For Political

          Most constituents first meet the candidates through some piece of collateral. Our job is to make sure that collateral is good introduction to the candidate by creating a visual brand they identify with. That way, when the go out and meet constituents, they already have a footing that represents them. 

          Natasha created a brand that fit me and my needs perfectly. The design of the logo, website, and collateral material was inviting, visually appealing, and helped my campaign stand out.

          Sarah Peters

          Democratic Nevada State Assembly Member, District 24

          Natasha has a great eye for design and helps candidates communicate to their districts with clarity and their own signature style.

          Alexis Hill

          Washoe County Commissioner

          — Person-to-Person Outreach —

            Political campaigns call this “Field,” in other areas it’s called “Public Outreach.” Whatever you call it, we do it. Knocking on doors, phone calls, texting, house parties, townhalls, community meetings… we’ve done all these different types of outreach (and more), and can help you find the right approach for whatever your outreach needs are. And, you almost certainly do need this type of outreach!

            While many of these activities are different in the midst of the pandemic, many are not. We even have experience safely running an effective in-person canvassing effort during the pandemic.

            For smaller campaigns and budgets, we establish targeting, and “train the trainer” on how to recruit volunteers, train them, and get them what they need. For larger budgets we can provide more hands-on services, including everything from managing the work of your existing staff to hiring staff ourselves and working on a contract basis.


            — Fundraising, Media, and everything else —

              We offer consulting in these areas, and support for the campaigns we are assisting with other services. We also offer training in media relations. 

              Helping progressive candidates win down ticket