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Political Campaigns

Bespoke local campaigns are our love language. We cater campaigns to the candidate’s strengths and hone their story and vision into a winning campaign using a personalized blend of cutting edge tools and classic outreach tactics. We run whole campaigns, and also offer individual services, depending on the client’s needs and unique situation.

— Political Strategy —

    Changing Dynamics is focused on electing Democrats and progressives downballot. CD emphasizes supporting first-time candidates, women, people of color, and/or LGBTQ candidates. We develop strategy to fit the candidate, not the other way around.

    One thing we know from experience: In downballot campaigns, almost no two races are the same. We have won campaigns that had no yard signs, others with no mail or walk cards, some with no digital (though this is increasingly rare), and run negative IE campaigns that included door-to-door canvassing. We can tease out the right strategy, tactics, and targeting to fit the smallest of budgets, and we love stretching a nickel into a dime.

    We are a featured case study for our smart adoption of peer-to-peer texting. We do award winning creative.

    Most importantly, we win campaigns.

      Full Campaign Management and Services – Winning Clients 2022

      • Angie Taylor for State Assembly
      • Hillary Schieve for Reno Mayor
      • Beth Smith for School Board
      • Justin Champagne for Judge
      • Erica Flavin for Judge

      Major Services – Winning Clients 2022

      • Mariluz Garcia for County Commission
      • New Day Nevada: Executive Director for IE with $1.5 million in spending on nine winning legislative candidates

      Riley- Wouldn’t have made it across the finish line without you. I wonder how many times I’m going to have to say that?!

      Late State Senator Debbie Smith

      From a letter, used posthumously with permission from her husband

      Previous Winning Campaigns

      Full Campaign Management and Services – Winning Clients 2020

      • Devon Reese for Reno City Council
      • Alexis Hill for Washoe County Commission
      • Paige Dollinger for Judge

      Services – Winning Clients 2020

      • NV Assembly Democratic Caucus: Video Production and Digital Ads, Some Websites
        – Nine primary candidates, all won
        – 17 General Election candidates, 14 won
      • Michelle McGaw for RI State Representative (Messaging)

      Full Campaign Management and Services – Winning Clients Prior Years

      • No Means No, Ruben PAC (2019)
      • Skip Daly for State Assembly (2018)
      • Sarah Peters for State Assembly (2018)
      • Kalie Work for County Recorder (2018)
      • Washoe County School District Capital Funding Ballot Question WC-1 (2016)
      • Debbie Smith for State Senate (2014)
      • No on Bonnie Weber (2014 General)
      • Paul McKenzie for Reno City Council (2014 Primary)
      • Naomi Duerr for Reno City Council (2014)
      • Debbie Smith for State Senate (2012)
      • Jenny Brekhus for Reno City Council (2012 Primary)
      • Oscar Delgado for Reno City Council (2012)

      Services – Winning Clients Prior Years

      • Naomi Duerr for Reno City Council (2018 mail and digital)
      • Melena Raymond for School Board (2016 mail)
      • NV Assembly Democratic Caucus (Northern Political Director 2014 -3/4 wins)
      • NV Assembly Democratic Caucus (Northern Political Director 2012 – 4/4 wins)

      CASE STUDY: Alexis Hill for County Commission

      Millennial, first-time candidate beats long-time incumbent Republican

      Riley and Natasha love what they do, and you can tell that when you work with them. They love putting decent people into office to make their community better…Any candidate would be lucky to have these two in their corner.

      Alexis Hill

      Washoe County Commissioner

      — Messaging: Developing Your Story —

        We move campaigns from forgettable facts and figures to memorable, meaningful stories that personalize issues and mobilize constituents. 

        I wanted my re-election to stay positive. There is so much negativity in political campaigns, and I didn’t want to win that way. Changing Dynamics worked with me to develop messaging that brought out my voice in a way that I felt good about, that my supporters felt good about, and voters clearly did, too.

        Hillary Schieve

        Mayor, Reno, Nevada

        For candidates, this means changing from a recitation of their resume and boiler plate issues they care about to a memorable stump speech that connects their life experience and skills to a broader need facing the community and positions them as the solution. Then, adapting this story to the various mediums it is needed for: website, print materials, video scripts, everything. For issues or IE campaigns, this means crafting a compelling narrative that leads the targeted audience to only one viable choice.

        I can’t thank Riley enough for his insight. I had been struggling with the right messaging for months. He listened to my story, drew out the real reason I was running for office and helped turn it into a compelling message.

        Michelle McGaw

        RI State Representative

        — Digital Outreach —

          We bring cutting-edge campaigns to downballot candidates. We know where, how, and when to reach the people you need to engage. Perhaps just as importantly, we know what not to spend your limited budget on. There is no shortage of digital advertising options, and we stay on top of the, ahem, changing dynamics of this exciting, constantly shifting, and sometimes frightening landscape to deliver the best of modern outreach to campaigns at an affordable price. Whether it’s coming up with COVID-campaign adaptations like Augmented Selfie Videos, being a national case study for effectively using the right kind of texting, or “just” building a (better) website, CD helps you make the most of the newest frontier in outreach.

          We know what makes sense at your budget level, and what doesn’t. You may just need (and be able to afford) some direction to do it better yourself, or maybe you want someone to just do it for you – either way, we can help.

          Changing Dynamics ran a flawless and cutting-edge campaign. Despite being vastly outspent, I won my four-way primary with 47 percent of the vote. Their work brought out the best of me, purple hair and all.

          Sarah Peters

          Democratic Nevada State Assembly Member, District 24

          CASE STUDY: Nevada State Assembly Democratic Caucus

          Downballot Digital helps drive Dem victories

          — Visual Design + Production —

            We do visual work of all kinds. Logo design, print materials, websites, video, mail, whatever it is we tell your story visually in a personal, relatable, and understandable way. 

            Most constituents first meet the candidates through some piece of collateral. Our job is to make sure that collateral is a good introduction to the candidate by creating a visual brand they identify with. That way, when they go out and meet constituents, they already have a footing that represents them.

            Video is increasingly a “must have” instead of a “nice to have” for even the smallest campaigns and budgets. We created Augmented Selfie Videos as a pandemic-campaigning adaptation, and have since then further adapted them for small-budget campaigns. From these budget-friendly remote productions meant for digital ads to high-end videos meant for broadcast and connected television, we create compelling, strategic, award-winning videos for our clients.

            Strangers would come up to me to say how much they liked my videos. Do you know how rare that is?! I have never seen people react to political ads this way. Riley made this happen, from scripting the ads to even getting in the river to pre-test my stunt and make sure everything worked.

            Hillary Schieve

            Mayor, Reno, Nevada

            Natasha created a brand that fit me and my needs perfectly. The design of the logo, website, and collateral material was inviting, visually appealing, and helped my campaign stand out.

            Sarah Peters

            Democratic Nevada State Assembly Member, District 24

            Natasha has a great eye for design and helps candidates communicate to their districts with clarity and their own signature style.

            Alexis Hill

            Washoe County Commissioner

            — Person-to-Person Outreach —

              We run personalized “field” programs to fit each campaign. From targeting to training and direct assistance, we help you find the right program for your campaign, budget, volunteer force, everything. We even have effective, layered outreach for those volunteers who “just want to write postcards.” We mix the right amount of consulting (telling you what to do) with services (doing the volunteer recruitment, knocking, paid field) to meet the campaign budget and needs.

              Dedicated to making positive change