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Millennial, first-time candidate beats long-time incumbent Republican

Case Study: Alexis Hill for County Commission

Not our first, just our most recent! CD provided full campaign consulting and services for Ms. Hill (now Commissioner Hill), including managing all aspects of design, strategy, and outreach. We knew it would take a full court press and a smart message and strategy to unseat her entrenched opponent. This included producing 14 videos for digital ads, seven mailers, multiple publication ads, and designing the materials and creating the targeting and message for over 50,000 texts, over 5,000 phone calls, and approximately 45,000 pieces of literature dropped at doors (one full pass and then one pass through our top precincts). Hill’s campaign won with 55% of the vote, performing only 1.5% below the Biden campaign in the same district, and outpacing Democrats’ performance upticket in that district, as well.

Riley and Natasha love what they do and you can tell that when you work with them. They love putting decent people into office to make their community better. Riley professionalizes campaigns and helps candidates refine their messages and get them out to broader audiences in their districts. Natasha has a great eye for design and helps candidates communicate to their districts with clarity and their own signature style. Any candidate would be lucky to have these two in their corner.

Alexis Hill

Washoe County Commissioner


General Election Vote

Phone calls


Pieces of literature dropped at doors