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Augmented Selfie Videos

When you can’t knock doors and #socialdistancing makes a videographer difficult, how do you show voters your authentic message online? A video that we script, you shoot, and we produce—the Augmented Selfie Video.

Every cycle comes with new technologies to implement and obstacles to overcome. 2020 has brought a huge one with COVID-19 and social-distancing. Tried and true campaign methods like knocking on doors are off the table. Photo shoots for beautiful mailers and video shoots for digital are probably not possible nor affordable with COVID fundraising challenges.

Augmented Selfie Videos are a powerful way to show your authentic personality and message. We work with you to script your story and coach you through shooting it yourself. We produce it with your campaign graphics, adding in any existing photos or videos from your life to match the story, and give you the crown jewel of your digital ad content. Videos can be just lightly augmented with campaign graphics to adding in recent footage and full animation.

The homespun nature of the production helps voters feel like they are getting to know you. The limited but real production value helps give them a sense of legitimacy for your campaign. The story that we develop connects your message to your constituents’ lives.


Augmented Selfie Video costs are highly dependent upon you, and how fully developed your messaging and visuals are already. It is also significantly less expensive per-video to produce more than one. Typically, a single Feature video will cost $950, and a package of a Feature, a Grassroots Endorsements, and a Short will cost $1,750. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your campaign’s needs, budget, and messaging.

These videos have proven to be incredibly powerful outreach tools. This is the campaign adaptation of the (2020) cycle for downballot races.

— Devon Reese, Reno City Councilmember, Vice-Mayor and Candidate for Re-election

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