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Downballot Digital

Do you know you need to run digital advertising but don’t have the time to jump through all the hoops? We have you covered. 
Are you frustrated with how difficult it is to give Facebook your campaign’s money? Do you want to target just voters with your ad, instead of everyone in a geographic area? Do you want to use the right objective, and not quite know when to use “reach,” “views,” “conversions,” or any of the other 4,000 metrics of online advertising? Do you wonder if advertising on Google, Pandora, CTV, banner ads, or any of the million other digital ad options are right for you?

We can help. We are a downballot Democratic campaign firm, and we know what makes sense at your budget level, and what doesn’t. Maybe you’re just looking for some direction to do it better yourself, or maybe you want someone to just do it for you – either way, we can help. Book a meeting with us to discuss your needs, and how we can help.

“Changing Dynamics ran a flawless and cutting-edge campaign. Despite being vastly outspent, I won my four-way primary with 47 percent of the vote. Their work brought out the best of me, purple hair and all.”

— Sarah Peter, Democratic Nevada State Assembly Member, District 24

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