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Case Studies

Naomi Duerr for Reno City Council, 2014

full campaign, mixed consulting and management votenaomi.com

This was Duerr’s first run for political office. Since Reno City Council races are relatively low-budget campaigns, CD acted as both manager and management consultant. Riley oversaw part-time field staff working on Duerr’s race, and the work of additional paid consultants assisting in fundraising, media buying, and videography.

CD worked with Duerr to develop general strategy, including creating targeting for field, mail and other paid outreach, as well as designing and producing Duerr’s mail.

Duerr won her six-way primary by just under 5 points with 31% of the vote and won her general election (two-way matchup) by over 13 points with 56.81% of the vote. Duerr’s opponent was a well-known Republican from a well-connected political family. Duerr was one of only two Democrats statewide to flip a seat from red to blue in an otherwise Republican-wave year that saw Democrats lose control of both houses of the legislature and the four statewide constitutional offices they had held (CD worked for the campaign of the other Democrat who flipped a Republican seat).

“Thanks to Changing Dynamics’ insight, analysis, messaging, targeting, and vision we got out a message that clearly resonated with voters – and without going negative. We went on to win, and win BIG! The materials were polished and well conceived, and something I will look back on and treasure. Thanks for believing in me and working with me.”

— Naomi Duerr, Reno City Council Member

Richard “Skip” Daly for Nevada State Assembly, 2012

mix of general campaign consulting and management, fundraising 

This was Daly’s second run for political office, having been elected to this assembly district in 2010. Redistricting swung the district from a solidly Democratic district to having an over three-point Republican registration advantage. Riley had worked with Daly in 2010 on Daly’s first run for office.

CD helped oversee Daly’s day-to-day campaign manager and campaign. This included helping to develop Daly’s messaging, field program (both grassroots and paid), website and social media presence, media and political relations, and mail targeting, as well as work with other outside consultants who were primarily responsible for Daly’s polling, mail, radio, and other paid advertising. CD also acted as Daly’s fundraising consultant.

Despite the over three-point registration disadvantage, Daly won his race by four points with 52% of the vote. Daly raised just over $176,000 after contracting for fundraising with CD, and extended his contract with CD past the election to rebuild his war chest for the next cycle.

“In 2012, Riley helped me with messaging and fundraising, oversaw my day-to-day campaign manager, coordinated vendors, and developed the campaign’s field and mail targeting. I was the only Democrat in Nevada to win in a legislative district with a GOP registration advantage.”

— Skip Daly, Nevada State Assembly District 31

Debbie Smith for Nevada State Senate, 2012

fundraising, general consulting

This was Smith’s seventh campaign for political office, and first run for state senate. Smith had served since 2001 in the Nevada State Assembly, most recently serving as Speaker Pro Tem. Riley had worked with Smith in 2008 as the OFA field organizer for her assembly district, and in 2010 on her reelection campaign for state assembly.

CD was contracted with Smith’s campaign to act as her primary fundraiser, and consulted on the campaign’s field program as well as on general strategy. Additionally, CD designed or re-designed much of Smith’s collateral material, such as notepads, invitations, letterhead and follow-up postcards, as well as advertisements for print publications.

Smith raised $312,221.57 after contracting with CD, and won her race by just under 30 points, with 64.73% of the vote. Smith served as the Assistant Majority Leader of the Senate and Chair of the Senate Finance Committee during the following legislative session.

“Riley- Wouldn’t have made it across the finish line without you. I wonder how many times I’m going to have to say that?!”

— letter from State Senator Debbie Smith,
used posthumously with permission from her husband

Oscar Delgado for Reno City Council, 2012

full campaign, mixed consulting and management

This was Delgado’s first run for political office; he had no prior campaign experience. Since Reno City Council races are relatively low-budget campaigns, CD acted as both manager and management consultant (and the only paid staffer or consultant), training Delgado to do his own field organizing, fundraising, media relations and political outreach.

CD worked with Delgado to develop general strategy, including creating targeting for field, fundraising, mail and other paid outreach, as well as designing and producing Delgado’s mail and radio.

Delgado won his seven-way primary by just under 14 points with 35.57% of the vote and won his general election (two-way matchup) by over 18 points with 59.12% of the vote.

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